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Implementation Methodology
With an emphasis on a fast and continuing ROI, the
Absolute Value implementation methodology is a fundamental element of the solution. The timeline for implementation is structured in days, not months.

Our experience with more than 300 installations provides a proven and straightforward path for your success.

We offer:

  • Quick, streamlined implementation support
  • Best-practice forecasting and replenishment
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Educational webinars

Get it right from the start
The visibility that our system provides in its functionality flows through to our start-up philosophy. We use your data to train your team. Our training does not use a generic database with no meaning or relevance to the people who will be using the solution. You will be running the solution in a live mode at the end of the 3-day on-site session.

It’s all about best practices
Start-up support for our solution goes beyond learning about fields and commands; you will understand the "whys" of the solution. Industry-accepted principles are established throughout the solution, creating a solid foundation on which to build success.

You are not alone
Our customer service is built on the basic tenet of having direct access to the experienced consultants who are part of the implementation and development process. Consultants are available to answer your questions and make specific recommendations relative to your needs, through phone and email support.

The learning never stops
You are welcome to join us for periodically scheduled Webinars to learn specific ways to more effectively utilize your system. These include instruction on software enhancements, as well as "how to" sessions regarding specific areas of the solution.

We offer one free registration for the annual Forecasting and Replenishment Forum to each customer. This meeting provides educational opportunities and gives you a chance to meet and interact with your peers.

Learn more about how Absolute Value combines functionality, services, and architecture to address the challenges facing distributors today.