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Your Choice: Cloud Deployment


Advantages to Cloud Deployment:

  • No IT infrastructure required
  • Low upfront investment, no long-term commitment
  • Fast and continuing ROI to free up cash
  • Quick, straightforward implementation


Pick an ERP System, any ERP System
Our solution provides you complete ERP independence. You can implement this solution without regard for the status of your ERP project. It doesn't matter what ERP solution you're running, or even if you run multiple solutions.

  • No need to change your ERP system
  • Works for you before, during, and after an ERP change

We designed this solution to integrate with your system, to preserve your current software investment and upgrade your forecasting and replenishment capabilities. A few of the systems we have bidirectional interfaces with include:


  • Prophet 21 (P21)
  • Dynamics AX
  • Epicor 9
  • Sage


Our architecture allows you to focus on the activities that directly impact your business and the ROI you are expecting.

Learn more about how Absolute Value combines functionality, services, and architecture to address the challenges facing distributors today.